It’s no secret that the automotive industry is going through a major revolution. In the last few years, several car manufacturers have dedicated a considerable amount of resources to improving the technology in their vehicles. The two main focuses have been automated driving and sustainable energy as fuel. No other company has pushed the boundaries on either front as well as Tesla. The auto manufacturer has recently rolled out its latest model, the Model 3, and, similar to its predecessors, it is jam packed with new and exciting technology.



The first thing you will notice about the Model 3 is its lack of a traditional dashboard. It does not feature a speedometer, fuel gauge and the other standard meters that we’ve all come to know and love; at least, not in a traditional way. Instead of having all of the meters directly behind the steering wheel, all of that information is displayed digitally on the 15-inch touchscreen. The easiest way to describe it is to picture an iPad Pro attached to the console of an automobile. The screen provides access to any and all features, including media, instruments and battery levels.



As mentioned before, self-driving cars are the future of the automotive industry. And Tesla is certainly aware of this. They’ve crammed the Model 3 with some of the most advanced autopilot features in any vehicle on the market. The Model 3 boasts a forward-facing radar sensor, seven cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors all powered by the Nvidia Drive PX2 processor. In short, this car is smarter than most humans.


Miscellaneous Features

The Model 3 also includes several bits and pieces that push the boundaries of technology in vehicles. You can expect to find a backup camera, voice controls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and auto-dimming rearview mirror navigation. The Model 3 also functions with the Tesla mobile app. The app allows users to remotely lock and unlock the vehicle, control the climate and many other features.


When it comes to automotive advancements in technology, Tesla is at the forefront of the industry. The Model 3 is a great example of the future of the automotive industry. I’m very excited to see where Tesla, and all other car manufacturers, go from here.