Yogesh Joshee


Lisenced IT Consultant

In his career, Yogesh Joshee works with fortune 500 companies in the heart of London, England, and in his free time, he likes to stay up to date with the latest trends in technology.

“Just programming code on the ZX to say ‘hello my name is Yogesh’ stirred an unremarkable passion for programming and technology as a whole for me. I just wanted to keep going and continue to figure out what else I could make this computer do.”

Yogesh Joshee, on his passion for technology

We all remember growing up begging our parents to buy us the latest video game system, music player, or high tech gadget. Every season rolled out an upgraded version, and every season you worked your hardest in school to prove you deserved it. Yogesh Joshee was one of those kids, and not much has changed.

There was one present Yogesh remembers receiving that in retrospect was life-changing. His parents gave him a ZX Spectrum running on a Basic operating system, and it fascinated Yogesh. 

Soon after he gained experience with the Basic operating system, Yogesh started to tinker with other operating software and devices. His uncle, who was a programmer at the time, got Yogesh involved with assignments he could do in his free time to better understand computers. Yogesh’s uncle worked with ICL, a programming company in the UK, and he gave Yogesh a game called Startrek to try to code and run. Without any extensive programming knowledge, Yogesh would work on the project day in and day out in hopes of making it work. After several weeks, and numerous failed attempts, he was finally able to program the correct code, and the game ran with no errors. This was enough for Yogesh to realize working with technology and computers was what he wanted to focus his future on.

Yogesh graduated from University of Westminster with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. During his time at University, Yogesh was known as the go-to guy for a quick computer fix. His peers would lug their desktops to his home to ask him to add additional memory and fix any bugs they couldn’t sort out. At one point while working off of a ZX Spectrum system, Yogesh had over thirty bulky computers sprawled across his parents home. Away from school, he began working with numerous technology companies on IT infrastructure.

Yogesh’s love of tinkering lead him to his career in programming. Today, Yogesh works with fortune 500 companies in the heart of London, England. In his free time, Yogesh likes to stay up to date with the latest trends in technology. When he is not programming, Yogesh is also a licensed Indian football sports agent and has signed prominent footballers to some of the greatest football organizations in the world.