We are living in a technologically-driven world. This is no secret. As the days go by, we are relying more and more on our smartphones, computers, self-driving cars and just about any other technology we can think of. With all of that being said, we are still only beginning our digital and technological revolution. We have so much more to look forward to. And with 2018 now in full swing, I figured that we could take a look at some of the best tech to expect this year.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial intelligence has been the ire of many a movie hero. Too many times have we seen films or read books where our heroes must overcome the treachery of robots and their superior intellect. The truth is, we will probably be thanking artificial intelligence more than we will be fighting it. Major companies, such as Google and Apple, are working on improving their AI to superhuman levels. AI is already helping us create a better world. Currently, AI is being used to detect health risks and car accidents and even to analyze the solar system in ways humans cannot.

In 2017, we witnessed a major evolution in the smartphone. Consumers want to, well, consume more content on their smartphones. We want to see more on our tiny screens. In response, almost every major smartphone manufacturer incorporated bezel-free designs in their 2017 models. 2018 will see an even greater push towards the bezel-less phone. While Apple’s iPhone X has the infamous notch and Samsung’s Galaxy series of phones still have slight bezels, these smartphone manufacturers are looking to completely looking to eliminate the bezel. Soon we will have smartphones that feature a complete pane of glass.

We’re all familiar with 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE speeds on our phones. It’s nothing new. And with every new generation of wireless data transfer, speeds get better and that’s about it, right? Well 5G looks to change all of that. Some reports claim that 5G speeds could be up to 10 times faster than the current generation. That would make 5G almost faster than some home internet wi-fi connections, allowing for app developers to rethink what we can and cannot stream on our mobile devices. Although we will not likely see 5G on smartphones until 2019, 2018 will be a time for preparation.

2017 was a great year for technology, and 2018 looks to be even better. Hopefully our expectations will be met.