Technology is a large part of our lives. It has made its impact on our society, and it is not going anywhere. And while we have made huge strides in our technological capabilities, every now and then, there are mishaps and accidents. Such was the case in 2016 when the seventh iteration in Samsung’s popular Galaxy Note series of phones had begun to catch fire. This resulted in the company ceasing production of the phone and announcing a worldwide recall, which cost the company an estimated $17 billion. However, that was a year ago, and in the world of technology (especially smartphones) that’s the equivalent of 5 years; it’s old news. Samsung is now looking to the future and hoping to gain the trust of the public. With the traditional release window of the Galaxy Note series drawing nearer, many are speculating what exciting features the Galaxy Note 8 will include. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the biggest rumors surrounding the device.

The Note series has always been known for its large screen and optimization for multimedia. Apparently, the Note 8 will be an even better multimedia device than its predecessors. And this isn’t speculation, this comes straight from Samsung. In a report from, Samsung stated, “The Galaxy Note 8 will feature more advanced, richer multimedia functionalities.” This could mean a larger, almost bezel-less display and a much more advanced camera.

As previously mentioned, the Note 8 will more than likely borrow some major design aesthetics from the Galaxy S8 and S8+, namely the almost bezel-less display. This means that the Note 8’s screen will stretch all the way to the left and right sides of the device (almost as if it is spilling over the edges), and almost all the way to the top and bottom. This design has been praised by many in the tech industry on the S8 and S8+, and if done properly on the Note 8, it should receive just as much accolade.

What good is a phone for daily life if it doesn’t have the power to complete the tasks? That is why the Note 8 is rumored to sport quite the impressive list of tech under the hood. It will probably feature a 6.3 inch AMOLED display (quite possibly the most gorgeous display for any phone), a 3,300 mAh battery for decent battery life, and 6GB of RAM, which will allow for buttery smooth operation while multitasking.

If all of these rumors prove to be true, then Samsung will have one of the best smartphones of the year on their hands. However, they will need to do much more than simply add some bells and whistles to their device in order to gain the trust of the public back The release of the S8 and S8+ earlier this year certainly helped their image, but in order to restore their previous status, they will need to prove that safety was, and will remain to be, their number one concern when developing this phone.