The Galaxy Note 8 has been officially unveiled and the world seems to agree that it is an amazing device. And now, the world waits with bated breath to see what the geniuses in Cupertino, California have cooked up this year. I’m, of course, talking about the iPhone 8. This year marks the ten-year anniversary of the iPhone, and Apple is expected to make some radical changes to this year’s iteration. And although Apple is trying to keep as much about the phone as secret as possible, in today’s world of instant information, it’s almost a laughable task. Here are some of the biggest and most prevalent rumors swirling around the new iPhone.


New Screen

The iPhone has always had an iconic design. The home button, front-facing camera and screen are all incredibly useful and thoughtfully placed, and yet there is a simplicity to its design that has earned the admiration of millions the world over. But all of that might be changing. According to the most recent rumors, the newest iPhone will feature an almost bezel-less display, stretching from corner to corner, save for a tiny notch meant for the camera and speaker. That’s right, the iconic and beloved home button will be missing from the new iPhone, leaving many to speculate what will take its place. Some believe that a virtual home button will take its place, while others seem to believe that the home button will be built into the display itself; the bottom of the screen will be pressure-sensitive, similar to the current home button on the iPhone 7, or the screen of the Apple Watch. Considering this is technology that Apple is already successfully implementing in their current line of products, I’d say it’s the safest bet.


What’s in a Name?

Despite dozens of rumors suggesting hardware and software specs, one very simple fact about the new iPhone has yet to be confirmed: the name. Some sources believe that it will simply be called the iPhone 8; others seem to think that, because of the ten-year anniversary, it will be called the iPhone X; there are even rumors that it will be called the iPhone Pro, kicking off a series of Pro iPhones, similar to the Macbook Pro and iPad Pro.


Facial Security

When Apple implemented a fingerprint scanner into the iPhone 5, they had perfected a technology that had existed before and brought it to the mass market. And now, they may be doing the same with facial scanning. Several sources claim that due to the lack of a physical home button, Apple will be using facial scanning security to replace TouchID. Dubbed “FaceID,”  the cutting-edge technology will use the front-facing camera to sense not only the user’s face, but also its depth in order to avoid being tricked by a photograph. It is said that FaceID can recognize and unlock a user’s iPhone in millionths of a second.


There are dozens of other rumors surrounding Apple’s latest device, but I picked a few of the best ones. Rumors suggest that the new phone will be unveiled on September 12th. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but until then, we will continue to dream and hope for the very best!