Every year new technology seems to put the entire technology community in awe. With 2015 well underway, technology powerhouses are cranking out modern marvels which seemed impossible five to ten years ago. To start, the growing smart watch market is currently expanding with companies like Samsung, LG, and the leader of mobile technology world, Apple will all be releasing new smart watches later this year. The highly anticipated iWatch by Apple is expected to be released in April. Although the smart watches are generally paired with smartphones, according to Telegraph, “We could even see a shift away from watches being dependent upon phones. A watch with its own SIM-card, number and completely independent data connection can’t be too far away. Samsung’s Gear S has hinted as much.”

Not only are hand held devices advancing, so are the the vehicles you drive to get these devices. Smarter, connected are coming to market and mobile technology companies are taking full advantage. Android and Apple are both in works of creating a smart dashboard which is essentially a smart phone in the dashboard, including calling, texting and even available apps to download. Reports have claimed, “We can start to think about models with built in mobile hotspots, smartphone connected security systems and manufacturers’ own integrated systems.”

It only makes sense that smart homes go hand in hand with smart vehicles. This does not mean you will have Siri in your home, more along the lines of smart appliances which makes life generally easier and more convenient in the home. Also, Telegraph believes home security and entertainment is leading to smart home technology, “The industry drive may mean surges in home sensor and security products (accessed and controlled via a smartphone). But it will also mean more smart devices aimed at monitoring utilities and home systems, aiding productivity and delivering entertainment.”

With 2015 just underway the most impressive technology to hit media is the drone. With Amazon apparently ready to launch a delivery drone which delivers any package in two days would change the industry immensely. “Drones aren’t a one-off fad; particularly with companies like Amazon keen on utilizing them. More drones, being more useful, will be larger parts of our lives.” 

Only being a month into 2015, we should expect to see the technology industry skyrocket with new gizmos and gadgets. For the full list of upcoming technology please visit Telegraph‘s full article.

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