With new technology updates and sports replays becoming more and more relevant in sports, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) has been under pressure from FIFA and football fans from around the world whether they want to use new technology and replays to assist officials with difficult calls on the field. With the pressure, the IFAB has decided to not go ahead and use new technology updates to assist officials with calls during a match.

The technology which are in question is a new offside, sideline camera which assists referees with calls which may seem difficult or too close to call for the naked eye. Many of these calls which are in question are difficult to judge based on how quickly the action on the field is and also making an important call under pressure in a fraction of a second. Fans are hoping the camera would be implemented since many teams have been on the wrong end of a certain call by a referee or missed call which changed the outcome of the match.

Football fans are also pushing for the new technology to help with foul and cards given out throughout the match. After a bad call in a recent match which resulted in a wrongly placed red card. Fans and coaches alike believe technology during games should be used to correct calls such as these since they change the outcome of the game, when it can be fixed on the spot rather then cost a team a match. Every few months, the IFAB meets to discuss rules and regulations in the game, recently based around introducing new technology in the game, once they have their next meeting they will most likely make a more definite decision on technology for the future.

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