It seems as if Google is coming with new ideas day after day. They are continuing this trend after they have unveiled the new finger control technology they are currently working on. Ivan Poupyrev is the founder of Project Soli a Google ATAP which is expected to be the new breakthrough form of finger control technology. Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 4.30.28 PM

This project is using radar waves to detect precise finger movements, in short micromotions. Business Insider explained, “In one demo, the founder of Google’s Project Soli, Ivan Poupyrev, kicked a virtual soccer ball by flicking at the screen. In another, he changed the hours on a clock by turning an imaginary dial with his fingers, and then changed the minutes by raising his hands further away from the screen and doing it again.” After just ten short months, Google has been able to shrink down the technology for this to the size of a fingernail. The reason for getting the chip to such a size was to integrate it into devices such as smart watches which are not ideal for finger-swiping. As screens for smart watches get smaller, Soli technology is going become vital in the growing wearable technology industry.

Google has yet to discuss whether they will license out the technology or if they will use it exclusively for their own products. Google has also yet to release a potential release date for the technology. For more technology news and updates, please visit Yogesh Joshee‘s official website.