For all you last second shoppers who have either forgotten to go shopping or just love getting that last second deal, here are a few gifts you can buy for your tech lover. FoxNews offers a full list of items which are perfect to buy last second!

1. Selfie Stick, Monopod & Shutter Remote

For all your family and friends who love taking photos, more specifically ‘selfies’, this is the perfect present for them. This bundle offers the very popular selfie stick which allows for everyone in the family to jump into the selfie! It also comes with a monopod which is essentially a tripod, both come with a shutter remote which lets you take a picture using a remote while using the monopod and selfie stick. You can purchase the bundle on iStabilizer’s website.

2. BURG 12 Smartwatch

The new hot market item has quickly became smartwatches. With so many different companies rolling out these watches, it is tough to decide which one is the best. The BURG 12 smartwatch is a great last second buy for anyone, no matter the age! This smartwatch allows the customer to make calls, send texts, play music, videos, camera and all basic functions of any smartphone, but with the added benefit of not needing a smartphone to function. That’s right, the BURG 12 Smartwatch works on its on, although it can be linked to your iPhone or Android. For the price, it seems like a great gift for someone in the smartwatch market. You can purchase the watch on their website.

3. iFolio iPad Case

This is for your everyday technology, iPad user. The iFolio case is a leather case for your professional. Although a simple gift, this case gives a very sleek and business vibe which for some people, is a great gift. A quick present you can pick up at your local electronic store or on NewerTech’s site.

4. DASH7 Portable Speaker

It only makes sense that a portable speaker makes this list of last second gifts to give. Although, DASH7 is not the most popular brand of speakers out there. They truly pack the biggest punch. They can fit into any small purse or pockets, yet are bluetooth compatible. Make sure when you’re out getting presents you pick a couple of these up as a stocking stuffer for anyone you know loves to dance around.

5. littleBits Electronics

This is the perfect present for any little scientist you may have in the family. This kit allows children and has special kits for adults as well to build and test out different circuits. With over 15,000 potential creations possible with these kits, it will keep whoever you give it to busy until next holiday season! These are just a few potential last second presents! For the full list please visit: FoxNews