Elon Musk continues to impress the world with inventions which can change the dynamic on how we view technology today. From creating the first successful automobile in Tesla to running Solar City, Musk’s new invention is a $13,000 battery which can in the long run help customers save money.

Even though Tesla has yet to comment on the recent news of the battery, several of customers of the battery spoke about it. Trip Chowdhry explained, “These are currently, in 10 and 15 kwh configurations to solar customers who do not own electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids; the battery pack costs about $13,000, and Pacific Gas & Electric offers a 50% rebate for using the system (presumably because it can be used to decrease load on the grid during peak use hours); financing is set up for the customer to make an initial $1,500 payment, followed by $15 monthly payments for 10 years.”

Normal generators and back up devices can take up to 45 minutes to start up and take up gas and do not last very long. This battery by Tesla is expected to start working instantly and last power for a considerable amount of time while being cost efficient while in use. It can power an average size home during a power outage without racking up the electric bill. Musk is expect to unveil the battery in the near future but has yet to make an announcement.

According to Bloomberg, Wal-Mart is already in talks with Tesla to carry their product. This product is for consumers who need to be connected at all times, this will make sure those consumers are never in the dark if some thing were to happen.

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